16 Sep 2016

Summer Interruptus - Problems and stuff


Anyone there? :P

I'm so sorry. I wanted to re-restart the blog. Alas I couldn't. Never plan ahead I guess *sigh* So summer came and it happened to be the worst summer ever. I couldn't do much with my comp and I couldn't do much about anything. I also happened to attend a training course and it filled my spare time quite nicely too...

There is no excuse for this failure as my personal droid would be saying... Wait that's from SWTOR forget about that :P

What to do?, what to do?. Really I should start making a list or something. I'm attending once again University. Yay me!. Also business practices, once again, but this time I hope this render a job!. Less spare time, but not as before. I have much free time ahead, and I'll try. TRY. DO IT! Making stuff over here again.  

Well of course, no excuse would happen to be enough. You guys and gal from Rachel Haven surely miss me. I tried to do stuff over there last year, but. Don't plan ahead *sigh* There is no way I could have known I would be so stuffed with RL. I hope this time I can restart this place.

There's much to do!

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

31 Dec 2015

Setting up the blog - Gazillion time -

Okay gals, setting up the blog and rehasing content, I heard that's quite the novel idea *giggle* Nevermind. It seems Windows 10 - which I have to say I have no big problems so far and that decided it would be cool to update itself in my old laptop, just because - doesn't work well with my version of Photoshop CS6 - there is flickering sometimes and gives me a headache - due to a last udpate, which you can no longer set for whenever you want. I really hope they change that one of these days at Microsoft, it's really annoying.

Anyway, more after the jump

20 Oct 2015

Procrastination Advanced Phase / En Plan Perrete (In Spanish / En Español)

Hoy tenía ganas de escribir algo, pero no quería pasarme la tarde corrigiendo errores. Si esto está bien escrito, si es la frase correcta en inglés (Sorry english users, love you, but not enough when there is procrastination around!) Se que esta mal que yo lo diga, pero me resisto a ponerme un pronombre él/ella cuando es muy sencillo en inglés con un the para sustituir a he/she no lo es tanto en español. Así que seguiremos en el género neutro hasta que a la RAE se le ocurra un término que podamos usar. Me siento raro/a usando el género masculino/femenino para una entrada donde estoy creando a un personaje de nuevo, que no soy yo, sino un ente de mi imaginación. Lo he dicho muchas veces a mí me gusta ser quien soy, yo hago un juego de todo esto, aunque para otros sea real, y apoyo al LGTB y todo lo que queráis, pero para mí no cambia nada... Qué os corto el rollo, no os preocupéis que me emociono xD

Mas después del salto

23 Jul 2015

Something new, something old, something borrowed

Hey gals, how are you doing?

I hope you are not having a terrible summer like me, we've reached the boiling point over here. Too many days of heat waves and the Haze. Really terrible days where I have been unable to do anything but breath slowly and sleep *giggle*We have reached temperatures of 38ºC during the day and 30º at nights, impossible to sleep I tell you.


Jump at your own risk!

9 May 2015

The Mansion of Lust (A Twine Adventure)

Hey fellow gals! I'm here once again to bring you some sexy ideas, don't worry. I'm currently appointed for another visit to the doctor - and I had one some weeks ago, hence the stop of the blog as I currently explained. 

I by no means pretend to make long excuses, its just what I can do right now.

Instead of working on captions, I have been trying to make it worth your while and remake the "little" project I had a long time ago with RAGS. Now this project of mine turned out to be too much time consuming for what I plan to create and since TWINE is the little hot piece of software used by everyone I just tried to use it. It's simpler than RAGS and it works - too much to my surprise here - much better for my storytelling technique.

Currently the original plan is still at work, but since I can write and code at the same time I'm making some loose ends along the way - which will surely end in bad ends - and having fun mostly. The story is also written from the first person so it involves you - the reader - directly. I find it more compelling after writing the passages for a random character. Let it be you the character, since it's interactive *giggle*

I'll try to photomanip some images - the game has them don't worry - and make it more personal. Not just your average random story, which is a quick read and you are good to go. It's ambitious but I'm pretty sure I'll make something out of it. Besides you can "crank" a few pages in less time than RAGS allow it. And in top of that everyone can try it for themselves. I think it will be my next step in storytelling more than captions. Captions are a must in this blog so it doesn't mean those will dissapear. 

Sorry about the rambling of today!

You'll love this mansion!
The current link is a work in progress. So test the game at your own risk. The final project may or may not resemble what you are about to download. Typos, errors, or suggestions are well received.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra

9 Feb 2015

Back from the land of the living

Hey dolls and gals, and in betweens, it's me Alectra again! First I'm sure that if someone is following my tumblr-blog is more or less aware of why I didn't post at all during this whole hiatus of mine if not well. 

Beware the lenghty post ahead, if you are not interested skip to the end for the juicy stuff!

14 Dec 2013

Days gone by (B-Day Cap inside)

Howdy gals, I know I would like to give an explanation of why this won't be the galore, but you know. RL stuff gets in the way, GETS really HARD in the way and one cannot deal with it in any other manner. I have yet to sort of the captions I've made for the Haven - some needs rewriting, now that we are at it - I had to do lots of captions promised more than a year ago. But then came depression, not when I said I would have an on hold situation here and in the Haven, later after in fact. And this happen when you are promised to have a job, you actually work for real - I won't say for which company, but it's a big one in my country - for a month no less, disguised as business practices. During that time you are expected to learn from the people there and not make a single thing for the company. On the contrary it happened. So while I was doing actual work, I expected to get the job. 10 out of 10 in every test, working faster than the entire block I was in, sure was getting my hopes up, but no. I worked for FREE. 

I felt like used and abused, unable to have a say, there the depression but also adding to having to study during the summer for uni and coping with it. Have to say too that it hindered my efforts with my studies and I failed two subjects and "a half" (had five exams and some more works to do) I know it happened and someone would think: Get over it!. I did, then not. I thought I did. but this depression washed me deep inside me. I have to say playing videogames (they are getting dull in my opinion), reading, trying to put your mind in other stuff or watching movies doesn't and didn't added to help me. But today I said: Screw it over.

Probably it won't be true, but I want it to be a start. So after that long explanation, here's two caps. One for my B-day, which was by now yesterday and one random cap to "dust the rust" - It makes sense to me, don't ask! - So here's me getting to the play. I must say I don't feel like the overall community wasn't affected without me. Some great captioneers are still kicking. And talking about captioners:

Check this one: http://dividence.blogspot.com.es/

I dunno if it serves for Dee's deal with new captioneers, but here's my effort of trying to show new stuff for people

I already saw that peeps want to read about quick caps and the process behind it. I know about it don't worry, but it won't be till next year. I'll get to it!

This one came as a funny quickie because of the absence of Alectra for months, Raffside plots for control .Enjoy the results..

And I hope you had the time to check from time to time on the miniblogs! Here's hoping for more awesome stuff coming to you soon.

Hugs and Kisses Alectra
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